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Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine

That’s right, there are more than 21,000 other people like you who share a love of Jaguar cars. As members of the largest Jaguar Club in the world they already reap the benefits of discounts from suppliers, club events, an award winning magazine, and specialist help and advice.

If you’re looking for expert help and advice, to save money on parts and services, and to meet other like-minded Jaguar enthusiasts, then this is the club for you.

Multiple Award Winner:

Originally started in the summer of 1984, the JEC was formed by a group of enthusiasts to support not only those that owned Jaguars, but maintained and used them regularly. More than 20 years on that principal still holds true, and in that time the JEC has won numerous awards for excellence:

  1. 3 times winner of Classic Car’s “Club Magazine of the Year”
  2. Winner of “Club of the Year” by Classic Car Magazine
  3. Nigel Thorley (magazine editor) was awarded “Clubs Editor of the Year” in 1997

Helping You and Your Jaguar

Knowledgeable experts at hand to assist you with your Jaguar

Unmatched by any other club, the JEC maintains a comprehensive advice service:

  1. The Club maintains a list of over 500 Jaguar parts and servicing specialists.
  2. The Club has a full-time technical advisor, available Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm to answer members queries.
  3. Club specialists can offer specific advice on practically all Jaguars, from SS to XJS

Are you thinking of buying a Jaguar?

The JEC has a number of qualified engineers who can inspect a vehicle for you, give a full written report and valuation. Our people not only know the mechanical and body aspects of car inspection, but are also experts in the Jaguar marque and know what is correct for the model and year – especially important on older cars.

Costs are based on time and distance, but in all cases are cheaper than an AA or RAC inspection, and could save you thousands of pounds later on.

The right tools for the job

Again, unmatched by any other club, the JEC maintains a comprehensive UK tool hire service.

Not only will you save money compared with purchasing the tools outright, but for some jobs you won’t find these tools anywhere else – these specialist tools having been manufactured especially for the JEC.

Finding the parts

In line with the idea of providing specialist tools for club members, the JEC also has a selection of re-manufactured parts unavailable anywhere else. Members can also access a database of used parts.

Saving you money

Even a Jaguar requires periodic maintenance and the replacement of worn parts, plus there’s the fixed costs of motoring such as insurance.

Your JEC Membership enables you to take advantage of club discounts from Insurance companies, suppliers and even a discount from the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Your club membership can more than pay for itself in parts and accessories discounts alone.

Keeping you informed

Every member receives an excellent, 100+ page, professionally produced monthly Magazine included in the price of your National Membership. Packed with technical information, news and advice, the magazine is a three times winner of the prestigious ‘Club Magazine of the Year’ award presented by Classic Cars magazine and in 1997 the busy editor, Nigel Thorley, was voted ‘Clubs Editor of the Year’.

“Jaguar Enthusiast” contains everything from full month on month restorations to social events, new model Jaguar reviews to news and views. There is also the largest Jaguar classified section in the world, with over 10 pages of full-colour pictures.

Learn how to look after your Jaguar

The JEC runs a number of seminars throughout the year to help you learn more and get better value from your car. Recent seminars include:

  1. Buying a Modern Jaguar
  2. XJS Seminar
  3. XK8 Seminar
  4. X-Type Seminar
  5. XJ8 (X-308) Saloons from 1997 to 2002 Seminar
  6. Leather Conservation Seminar

Getting out and about in your Jag

The National JEC also organise annual gatherings, UK and continental tours, and more.

But I don’t own a Jaguar, what’s in it for me?

Within the Club there a plenty of members who don’t own Jaguars. Some have previously, others are thinking about buying one, and some members just love the marque. As one of the greatest automotive marques in the world, that comes as no surprise.

For all these members, the JEC provides both informational and financial value. The monthly magazine has so much information that it makes for a great read for owners and non-owners alike. Some of the discounts from parts and services suppliers can be used for cars other than Jaguars – take, for example, the new club member discount from Vredestein Tyres: you can immediately save more than the price of the club membership no matter what car you own.

The Surrey JEC: Assisting You at the Local Level

Bi-Monthly Newsletter:

By joining the Surrey Regional JEC, you receive a bi-monthly newsletter available to download from the website, or you can collect a hard copy at our monthly meetings. Past newsletters are also available to download. The Surrey JEC also maintains a list of companies which other members have recommended for good service and/or prices, for example car servicing, repairs, tyre supply, etc.


Like the National JEC, the Surrey Region organises events in the area in addition to regular monthly meetings at Brooklands on the third Thursday of the month, and at the Barley Mow in West Horsley on the first Sunday of the month.

Our main annual event each year is the Surrey Jaguar Day at Painshill Park Cobham on the last Sunday of July (this year it will be the 29th July), where we have permission to take our cars into the park. This is a very popular event attracting members and families from many parts of the UK for a great day out. Not forgetting our annual dinner in February, always a popular event for members and partners.

Help and Advice:

By coming along to our meetings, not only do you get to meet other members with same love of Jaguars, but if you have any queries or issues with your own Jaguar (no matter what model or age) there is bound to be someone that will know the answer or a contact that can help.

Surrey JEC Website:

As a Surrey JEC subscriber you benefit from a ‘Members Only’ area on the website, where you can post non-commercial For Sale and Wanted ads for free on the website, search for and private-message other members, download the latest newsletters, and renew memberships online.

Becoming a Member

Joining the JEC is quick and easy, thanks to our secure, encrypted online payment facility. Choose the membership you want, and as soon as your card is safely processed you’ll have full access to your user area on the Surrey JEC, where you can contact other members, download the latest newsletters, or add a classified advert.

For existing members of the National JEC, membership of the Surrey region is especially good value at only £5 per year, or £15 per year for non-National JEC members.

If you are not yet a member of the JEC, the best value by far is to be had from joining both the National JEC and Surrey Region at the same time – only £35 – saving you £4 straight away:

  • National Membership: £29 per year (plus a £5 joining fee)
  • Surrey Membership: £5 per year (or £15 for non-National members)
  • Combined Membership: £35 (then £29 + £5 in subsequent years)

Ready to join today?

You don’t have to decide immediately if the JEC is for you. Come along to a club meeting, meet some of the members and find out first hand from them what they’ve gained from the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club. That way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Watch the Video Introduction to the JEC