Video Introduction to the JEC

Video courtesy Classic Car TV

For users who are unable to view the video, here is the transcript:

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club has been supplying a wide and diverse range of services to club members for over 20 years, and currently over 20,000 members enjoy them.

Whether you’re thinking of buying your first Jaguar, already have one, or just want to know more about them, why not enjoy your interest in Jaguars with the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club.

The Club magazine “Jaguar Enthusiast”, a glossy 108 pages publication, is provided to members each month free of charge, and covers all things Jaguar and Daimler, including the largest selection of Jaguar classified adverts in the world. Technical advice from our team of model experts, buying advice, seminars are all available to members.

On the social side there are over 70 locally organised regions worldwide, which meet in a variety of convenient locations in the UK and abroad. Our regions offer everything from local gatherings to major tours and events. The club also arranges larger national and international events, with up to 1500 Jaguars turning up to prime venues.

We put the emphasis on using your Jaguar or Daimler, our trips include poppular one day runs like the London to Brighton, or Manchester to Blackpool, local tours in many countries, and major overseas trips to countries like South Africa, America and Europe.

The Club offers a comprehensive range of merchandise to anyone interested in the jaguar and Daimler marques. We can supply anything from any published book on Jaguar, to a bespoke clothing service. Our tools and spares department offer a wide range of specialist Jaguar tools, and many hard to find parts for both classic and modern cars, which can be bought outright or hired. In the UK we even have our own warranty scheme for peace of mind.

For the more adventurous we run four race series and championships, covering most post-50 models, and we also cater to those that just want to try their own car out on the circuit with track days and sprints.

There is so much more about the Club – too much to cover here. If you enjoy Jaguars, classic or modern, or just have a keen interest in these wonderful British cars, why wait. Visit our website and join 20,000 other enthusiasts, you’ll really enjoy it. Alternatively, if you want to know more, give the Club a ring on 0117 969 8186.