Club Video Collection

Tuesday, Mar 6th 2007

New members - of which there are quite a few, I’m pleased to report - may not be aware of our region’s video library.

There are some thirty or more Jaguar/Daimler videos available on FREE loan at our monthly meetings.

Subjects covered include various Classic Jaguars, motor racing through the 50s and 60s – both track and road, 1988 Le Mans, the 1991 Mille Miglia and many that recount the history of the Jaguar marque and individual models up to the XJ220.

Just contact Don Westcott at one of our meetings if you want to browse through the library. Likewise please contact Don if you have any videos you’d like to donate to the club library.

The video collection currently includes:

E-Type Experience
E-types filmed on the road and track, history, some restoration, purchase hints and unique filem of the development model.
Jaguar Mk2 – Building a Legend
A 30-minute trip around the factory in the ’60s showing how the Mk2 was built and also the development and launch of the XJ40 in the mid ’80s.
Classic Greats - Performance Cars
Profiles of Aston Martin, E-type, Morgan, Porsche, Ferrari, and other marques.
Pre-War Racing
Archive footage from 1900 to 1939, hill climbs, dirt trach racing, Brooklands, Nurburgring, and more.
Motor Racing – ’50s Style (1957 & 1958)
Club racing with Brabham, Brooks, Clark, Hill, Moss, and Salvadori in sportscars and saloons.
Motor Racing – ’60s Style (1961 & 1962)
The greates names of ’60s motor sport with the greates cars.
Motor Racing – ’60s Style (1963 & 1964)
E-Type vs Ferrari, A40 vs Anglia, Clark, Gurney, and Hill in action.
Vintage Racing Greats
Aston Martin, ERA, and Maserati in vintage car racing.
1991 Mille Miglia
A trip through the Italian towns and countryside along with some of the rarest and most beautiful cars in the world. Drivers include Ickx, Moss and Villoresi.
Gran Turismo
Historic GT cars of the ’50s and ’60s, including Alfa-Romeo, Austin, Chevrolet, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, MG and Porsche.
Again Triumph in the Alps - 1956
Original film by the Standard Motor Company showing MGAs, TR3s, and many other cars of the period, chasing around the Alps in the Alpine Rally in the summer of 1956.
Monte Carlo Rally - 1956
Original film by the Standard Motor Company following the fortunes of six Standard Vanguards. The event was won by Ronnie Adams in his Mk2 Jaguar, but not much is shown of his efforts.
Rallye des Alpes - 1954
TR2s and Sunbeam Alpines battle it out over the Alpine passes, including the 9,000ft climb of the notorious Stelvio with its 50 hairpins in 8 miles.
The Jaguar V12 Archive
Official Jaguar archive film of the V12 engine with a fascinating interview with Harry Munday and Walter Hassan by Raymond Baxter. Also includes cars powered by the engine, from the E-Type to the 1993 6-litre XJ12 and XJS.
The North Cape Rally
100 Jaguars from 17 countries set out from Oslo to the North Cape, 1100kms north of the Arctic Circle. 3500kms of varied driving conditions through Norway with timed stages, regularity stages and driving tests thrown in.
The 200mph Jaguar – XJ220
The whole story of the XJ220 from conception to production. Exclusive footage, filmed in the factory, in the car and on the road, including a lap of the Nurburgring. Jim Randle tells how even John Egan didn’t know of the car’s existance, built in secret by a team known as “The Saturday Club”.
The Birth of a Legend
The first 30 years of Jaguar history is now available from our video collection. Covering 1929 to 1959 with material from the Jaguar Archive and rare footage from Sir William Lyon’s home movie collection, this video traces all the models produced during that time. With factory shots, testing, racing, rallyin and a lap of Le Mans with Mike Hawthorn, this is not to be missed.
Jaguar - The Racing History
This unique film takes you from the early days of Jaguar, through the glory years at Le Mans in the ’50s, and it’s triumphant return in the late ’80s, to its entry into Formula One.
The day of the Jaguar – Le Mans ‘88
The long awaited victory for Jaguar in the car driven by Lammers, Dumfries and Wallace.