XKR Featured on Pimp My Ride

Thursday, Apr 5th 2007

Cast and Crew

My 15 minutes (or more likely, 15 seconds) of fame.

I received a phone call from a Claire at MTV asking if I could get over to Colchester by 1.00pm on Friday if I was willing to have my car in an opening shot for their ‘Pimp my Ride’ program to me broadcast during May. She said she would pay for a tank of petrol, lunch and some spending money!

As Friday was clear I said I was happy to go along. I rang my son David to see if he wanted to come as well, so we arranged what time he should get over to my house.

The Thursday evening I was out so I missed Claire’s phone calls asking if I could get over earlier about 11.00am, I didn’t pick up the message until 9.00am on the Friday. I then rang David to say leave home to get over straight away, I also rang Claire to say I should just about make it.

The traffic was kind to me and we arrived just on 11.00 o’clock, I was then informed that the producer was running an hour late. As it turned out nothing happened until 1.00 o’clock (back to the original time!), though this did give us chance to look around the garage where they were busy working on a couple of cars for other episodes of the show.

Tim Westwood (everyone seems to know who he is, I didn’t) was in front of the camera doing the speal for the shoot, having to go over it all time and time again until the producer was happy with the various angles and sound etc. Trying to get the perfect shot without additional background noise is far from easy in the middle of an industrial estate.

The idea behind the opening sequence for the episode was that the Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls Royce represented the top end of “British” car marques, in stark contrast to the very old and very rusty Daimler being pimped for the show, plans for which included installing a snooker table in the boot!

It was about 3.30 before they finished and we could go, arriving back home about 5.30

All that effort for what I expect will be 15 seconds of TV fame.

Norman Durban

Tim Westwood gets some last minute instructions
Planning the Shot
A quick touch up with the makeup
Tim Westwood himself