JaguarSport XJR-15 Race Results

The XJR-15 race series was held over three rounds as support races for the 1991 Formula 1 championship: Monaco, Silverstone, and Spa-Francorchamps. Winners of the first two rounds would each win a 6-litre Jaguar XJR-S, whilst the bonus for the final round was a one million dollar prize fund.

Monte Carlo Silverstone Spa Francorchamps
Pos. Grid Driver Pos. Grid Driver Pos. Grid Driver
1st 1st Derek Warwick 1st 6th Juan Fangio II 1st 4th Armin Hahne
2nd 4th David Brabham 2nd 5th Bob Wollek 2nd 1st Cor Euser
3rd 5th Davy Jones 3rd 4th Ian Flux 3rd 5th Win Percy
4th 10th Juan Fangio II 4th 7th David Leslie 4th 6th Will Hoy
5th 2nd Armin Hahne 5th 8th Armin Hahne 5th 7th Bob Wollek
6th 6th Bob Wollek 6th 10th Tiff Needell 6th 2nd David Brabham
7th 7th Tiff Needell 7th 15th Andy Evans 7th 8th David Leslie
8th 3rd Jim Richards 8th 2nd David Brabham 8th 10th Ian Flux
9th 14th Matsuaki Sunada 9th 9th Kenny Acheson 9th 11th Pierre Dieudonné
10th 15th Cor Euser 10th 16th Yojiro Terada 10th 14th Jim Richards
11th 11th David Leslie 11th 12th Davy Jones 11th 15th Jeff Allam
12th 16th Andy Evans DNF 13th Win Percy 12th 16th Andy Evans
13th 12th Yojiro Terada DNF 3rd Cor Euser 13th 13th Tiff Needell
14th 9th Ian Flux DNF 14th Matt Aitken DNF 3rd Derek Warwick
DNF 13th Matt Aitken DNF 1st Derek Warwick DNF 9th Thierry Tassin
DNF 8th John Nielsen DNF 11th John Nielsen DNF 12th John Watson