Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine

Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine October 2007

Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Magazine

Jaguar Enthusiast is a professionally produced monthly magazine included in the price of the National JEC Membership. Packed with technical information, news and advice, the magazine is a three times winner of the prestigious ‘Club Magazine of the Year’ award presented by Classic Cars magazine and in 1997 the busy editor, Nigel Thorley, was voted ‘Clubs Editor of the Year’.

Jaguar Enthusiast contains everything from full month on month restorations to social events, new model Jaguar reviews to news and views. There is also the largest Jaguar classified section in the world, with over 10 pages of full-colour pictures.

Magazine Content

  1. Editorial
  2. Club General News & Club Forum News
  3. News & Views
  4. Club Events Coverage & Future Events
  5. Bob Bate Technical Topics
  6. Your Letters
  7. Regional Directory & News
  8. Racing News
  9. Classifieds
  10. Feature Cars, Restoration Projects, and much more

Back Issues

The JEC has produced a boxed set of 6 CDs containing a 20 year archive of the club’s magazine – 240 issues including write-ups, technical items, and much much more. The boxed set is available from JEC Direct:

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