Annual Surrey Jaguar Day

Sun, Aug 3rd 2008, 10:00

Following the success of the 2007 Surrey Jaguar Day, the 2008 event will also be held at Painshill Park, on Sunday, 3rd August 2008.

Located near Cobham, Painshill Park was the vision of the Hon Charles Hamilton, a young nobleman who returned from his Grand Tour of Europe inspired by all the art and architecture he had seen. Between 1738 and 1773 he enthusiastically set about transforming a strip of land near the River Mole into a “pleasure garden” around which visitors could walk and be presented with a series of living pictures. Today, with its restoration nearly complete, Painshill Park is once again what Charles Hamilton wanted it to be: a series of landscapes that enrich and delight all who visit it.

The entrance is just a few hundred yards off the A3 on the A245, it will be well signed. With the blessing of the Painshill management we have secured permission to display our cars at this lovely spot and to have a picnic (unfortunately NO BBQs though) with some interesting walks and things of interest to see.

At the time of writing we are negotiating with a local Jaguar specialists to bring some of their classic Jaguars to be displayed as well as the many varied Jaguar and Jaguar engined cars belonging to our members.

We have also invited representatives of other Jaguar powered clubs, such as the XK and XK8, Kougar, Ronart, Suffolk, Panther, Nostalgia, and Challenger to attend.

Providing the weather is fine we hope to have over 250 cars so if this sound of interest to you, please bring your Jaguar along and join in on the day. The gates open at 10am with an entrance fee of £6 per adult bringing a Jaguar for display, and standard Painshill entrance fees for members of the public.

Details also available at Surrey County Council website.

Painshill Park
Portsmouth Road,
KT11 1JE

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Painshill Lake