Allan Winn's Brooklands Talk

Thu, Apr 19th 2007, 20:00

Brooklands from the air.

On the 19th of April we were very please to have Allan Winn, the director of Brooklands, giving a talk on the “Past, Present and Future” of Brooklands.

Brooklands opened to the public on the 17th June 1907. Since then there have been many changes with additional parts of the original oval being built such as an inner link making the ‘Campbell Circuit’ as well as the ‘Test Hill’ being built.

Soon after Brooklands was opened, the infield was used as an air strip for the birth of another activity - Flying. This is where the early aircraft were built and flown from, and pilots were trained. This developed into BAE where parts of Concord were designed and built.

During the 2nd world war Barns Wallice used the Club House to design not only the Lancaster but also the ‘Bouncing Bomb’. The circuit was closed at the start of the war as more development was done for the war effort.

Many parts of the Circuit, the Hill Climb and the Club House as well as the Sheds still exist and it’s thanks to the efforts of Members and Friends of Brooklands that we all have the privilege of being able to see and use many of these facilities now.

This being the Centenary year of Brooklands, and with so much history having been written at the circuit in the past 100 years, we are certain that there will be something of interest for everyone that attends this talk.

Brooklands Museum,
The Club House,
Brooklands Road,
KT13 0QN

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Brooklands banking
View from the top of Test Hill
Brooklands banking
View from the bottom of Test Hill
Paddock at Brooklands
River Wey under Brooklands Banking
Allan Winn giving the talk at Brooklands
Hurricane at Brooklands