Add Content To YOUR Website

If you have a car-related website, why not add additional interesting content for your site visitors?

Putting our list of popular Jaguar books on your website can be as simple as adding a single line of javascript to your page. Decide which method you want to use, and submit the form below to generate the code.



This is the quickest, easiest way to add the book list. It can be used on any website, static or dynamic. Just copy and paste the generated javascript code into your page wherever you would like the book list to appear.

  • Advantages
    1. Quick and easy to add to your page.
    2. Can be used on any web page
  • Disadvantages
    1. The book list is not spiderable by search engines
    2. Site visitors without Javascript enabled won't see the book list.

RSS Feed

For dynamic websites that are able to parse and display RSS Feeds, this is the preferable option. Add the generated URL to your feed reader script and the book list will be added to your page.

  • Advantages
    1. The book list can be read by anyone visiting your website.
    2. The content is spiderable by search engines.
    3. If you cache the xml feed, page response time is improved.
  • Disadvantages
    1. More difficult to implement as it requires server side scripting to parse and display the content
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